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Saturday, October 3, 2015

It's been a while since I've been on here. Life has been going on and that takes precedence over anything else. But I recently remembered that I had a blog!! So I thought I would hop on over here and do a yearly update lol.

   We had a rough start to this year. We started the year out with yet another and final miscarriage. We spent that one in the ER for 9 hours because of major major hemorrhaging. We were told and also felt that we should call it quits with trying to have a 5th. So we are enjoying our babies that we have!! We truly are blessed to have them!
We moved in May after 4 years in our previous place. My kids recently started school again. My oldest is in 5th now, second oldest is in 3rd and our 3rd oldest is in Kindergarten. My last baby is still at home with me and I am soaking in the time I have with him before he goes to school.

Life is much the same. And I'm happy with that! We are in Halloween mode now and we are having fun with that! We have big plans for this month since it comes but once a year! Costumes have been purchased, house is decked out, pumpkin patch is scheduled, fall festivals, Halloween parties. I may be more excited than my kids!

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