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Thursday, September 11, 2014

                                           I love my kids.

For the past couple of months I've had some weird goings on with my body. My energy is zilch. I've even talked to a Doctor about it but HE just claims that it's part of the woman package. I told him he was crazier than me! Thinking of going to an OB for this one. Family Doctors psh! What do they know lol!

Anywho, as you can imagine, with 4 kids and no energy you would think my house would be a total nightmare. Not so! Not so! This is one of the many many reasons I love my kids. They are the most caring group of kids that God could've sent us! These kids will randomly come up to me and ask if they can clean something. What?!? You read that correctly. Of course, they are still kids as you can see above. They did this yesterday while my energy was gone. And I did not care. And you should've seen the mess upstairs, but before I could say anything Ava said to me, "Mom, don't worry. We will clean up when we're done."  

They know me oh so well!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

      Okay. I think I did it!! If you are reading this, I successfully got past my inability to understand the blog!
        So for right now this is a personal blog. It may become more because in my reading of blogs, I learned that I can make money simply by writing. We'll see. So for now, this is my first post. Ta-Da!